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Practice Philosphy

At Lakeview Psychological Associates, S.C., Dr. Daniel Burbach and Dr. Geralyn Carducci are "committed to the highest standards of patient care and professional integrity."

Toward these ends, Drs. Burbach and Carducci advocate a goal-oriented, solution-focused, consumer-based approach to patient care.  In this regard, both doctors strive to ensure that each patient and when appropriate, other loved ones, are maximally involved in clinical decision-making and treatment.  Through these efforts, consumer satisfaction and treatment outcomes are optimized.

Evaluation, treatment, and consultative services are always individualized and based upon the most current research available.  All options are always considered and discussed.  Multidisciplinary collaboration with other health care providers and/or other professionals who may be of assistance (e.g., attorneys, school personnel, religious leaders) is encouraged.  Ethical standards always remain paramount.

Drs. Burbach and Carducci are extraordinarily responsible, responsive, and reassuring doctors who make every effort possible to follow-through in timely and thorough ways for their patients.  This includes routine telephone calls and correspondence as well as emergency situations requiring immediate attention.  Informed, knowledgeable, and definitive, they keep theory and jargon to a minimum - preferring practical language and refreshingly frank recommendations grounded in common sense.

Consisent with this philosophy, Drs. Burbach and Carducci also maintain an office environment that is relaxed and comfortable yet completely confidential.  The doctors are assisted in this regard by a respectful and supportive office staff who are highly trained in all aspects of practice management, including privacy and securing of maximal insurance reimbursement for services rendered.

As leaders in their respective professions within northeast Wisconsin, Drs. Burbach and Carducci welcome self-referrals and referrals from other professionals.  For those who have had previous experience with other mental health professionals, the superiority of Lakeview Psychological Associates, S.C., will be obvious.

"Committed to the highest standards of patient care and professional integrity"

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